Minister of Culture and Sports Mrs Lydia Koniordou

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 8th BRIDGES International Film Festival. Working together with the municipality, local authorities and cultural agents, the festival has been steadily bridging the world of international cinema with the periphery, through screenings and parallel events in different arts venues in Peloponnisos, promoting the achievements of contemporary film makers to a broad audience.

Contrary to dominant views on cultural production, we strongly believe that art is not created in Athens only. We are advocating for a decentralized cultural practice, that is in close contact with local communities and their needs, while at the same time it demonstrates extroversion and openness to international dialogue and world challenges. Thanks to its important tributes and screenings, parallel activities and workshops, BRIDGES festival responds remarkably to those priorities.

I would like to thank everyone who worked hard and contributed to the success of this truly special event.

Lydia Koniordou

Minister of Culture and Sports



Prefect of Peloponnese Mr Petros Tatoulis



The Peloponnese through history has shown a particularly rich cultural production and cultural fund, ambiguous and internationally acclaimed, influential to currents artistically, but also socially. Its people, however, as restless and creative spirits never rested in the «laurels of a glorious past». As a result they continued the cultural production to date.For this reason it is a special honor for me to welcome the organization of the «4th International Film Festival Corinthia – Peloponnese – Bridges» which step by step is, not only, being based upon the consciences of the Peloponnesians citizens, but also aspires to become an international benchmark of contemporary art creation.

It consist a point of contact and dialogue between artists and, perhaps, the most crucial antidote to the collapse of the consistency of Greek society due to the economic crisis.

We believe in our people, we believe in a contemporary artistic vision and we need to embrace such institutions, which may be the cradle of artistic creation and dialogue.

Welcoming this important initiative, I would like to address to the organizers, artists and all citizens of Peloponnese who will visit and participate in the events my best wishes for success in organizing the 4th International Film Festival Corinthia – Peloponnese – Bridges.

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