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Petra Terzi

Founder & Festival Director /
CINE@ART Magazine Editor / 

Keep going …. Keep smiling … The best has not come yet:) Think and dream big and globally for the good of the humanity and all personal and minor wishes are fulfilled:) Stand united!


Chris Eliades

Conceptual design & development / Festival Advisor

Stimulate all the senses and create an interval awakening.


Thodoros Maragos

Film Director / Festival Advisor

In old times in Greece, there was a cinema that was characterized as melodrama because it was only addressed to the feeling of the spectator and there was very crying. He remained in history as the cinema of Martha Vourtsi. It was the so-called commercial cinema. Later, when cinema became governmental ( greek film center ) and was primed, it launched another cinema that it was addressed only in the mind of the viewer. It was the so-called cinema of alienation . It stayed in history as tholokoultouriarikos . Movies that appeal to the minds but also to the feeling of the viewer have not been in Greece, apart from some movies made by some independent directors.


Olga Dimou

Press Office

To be loved is a success. To love is a duty. To be with someone you love is an achievement. To be with someone who loves me, this is life!

 Elina Mazioti

Volunteers Department

I always look high because you can only go to where you look!


Mladen Šajinović

Conceptual Architect / Visual Artist / Web Developer & Design

if ( sad() === true){ 
«If you can`t explain it to a six year old, you don`t understand it yourself.»-A.E.

86802359_10158004643399036_3747344178187599872_n (2)Christina Chourma

Venue Manager



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