Awards 2013

A) Short Films

1. Best Short Film :

Picture Perfect

Irina Izmestieva, UK, 2013
Drama, 30΄

3. Best Cinematography in a short film :


The McKinnon Brothers, Canada, 2012
Drama / Fantasy , 9′

4. Best animation :

8-minute Deadline

Zina & Petros Papadopoulos, Greece, 2012
Animation, 8′

5. Best Greek Short Film :

A Hardworking Robber

Michael Felanis, Greece, 2013
Comedy , 14′

6. Best Music or Dance Film :


Tori Lawrence, USA, 2012
Dance film, 9′

B) Documentaries

C) World Cinema “Bridges”

D) Feature Films «Golden Pegasus»

1. Best Production Design:

Shared by: Nedeljko Bajić, Predrag Jočić, Jelena Mila – «Ice» ( Serbia ) / Bharat Vijan – “The Coffin Maker” ( India )

2. Best Sets / Costumes :

Mei Karamanidi and Louiza Karamouzi – «The Dragonphoenix Chronicles: «Indomitable» ( Greece )

3. Best Original Score :


6. Best Leading Actor :

Naseeruddin Shah

9. Best Director :

Veena Bakshi

The Coffin Maker” (India)

4. Best Editing Award :

Lara Tosello

5. Best Screenplay :

Guillaume Levil

«You cannot write a letter » ( France )

7. Best Leading Actress :

Danijela Mihajlović

8. Best Cinematography :

Pedrag Jočić

«Ice» ( Serbia )

10. Best Debut Director:

Shared by: Stephanie Pedros – “Reality Check” (Germany) and Manolis Damianakis -«Kame Koummando» ( Greece )













Special Mention to

Praveen Morchhale for his sensitive direction to get outstanding performances from the child actors in his debut film “Barefoot To Goa

11. Audience Award in a feature film :

Alexander Leontarites – “The Final Payoff” (Greece)

12. Golden Pegasus :

Veena Bakshi – “The Coffin Maker” (India)

«Golden Pegasus»

Pegasus, in ancient Greek mythology was thought to be the horse of Muses, which the poets rid and flew to stardom. This is the reason why «Golden Pegasus» Award is given to a feature length film distinguished for its artistic value and its ability to «travel» and succeed in other film festivals.


The «Golden Pegasus» awards of the 4th International Film Festival of Peloponnese «Bridges» will be announced at the closing ceremony on the 15th of December that will be held in LAIS Cinema in Corinth.

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