Bill Butler – Cinematographer, director of photography

Bill Butler Wilmer C. «Bill» Butler, ASC (born April 7, 1921) is an American cinematographer. He shot The Conversation (1974), Jaws (1975), and three Rocky sequels. He has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Cinematography.


Year Title Notes Director
1967 Fearless Frank Philip Kaufman
1969 The Rain People Francis Ford Coppola
1970 Adam’s Woman Philip Leacock
1971 Drive, He Said Jack Nicholson
The Return of Count Yorga Bob Kelljan
1972 Melinda Hugh A. Robertson
Deliverance 2nd Unit Photography (uncredited) with Vilmos Zsigmond John Boorman
Hickey & Boggs Robert Culp
1973 The Godfather 2nd Unit Photography (uncredited) with Gordon Willis Francis Ford Coppola
1974 The Conversation Francis Ford Coppola
1975 Jaws Steven Spielberg
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest With Haskell Wexler and William A. FrakerNominated for Academy Award for Best Cinematography
Nominated for BAFTA Award for Best Cinematography
Miloš Forman
1976 Lipstick Lamont Johnson
The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings John Badham
Alex & the Gypsy John Korty
1977 Demon Seed Donald Cammell
Capricorn One Peter Hyams
1978 Damien: Omen II Don Taylor
Mike Hodges
Grease Randal Kleiser
Uncle Joe Shannon Joseph Hanwright
Ice Castles Donald Wrye
1979 Rocky II Sylvester Stallone
1980 Can’t Stop the Music Nancy Walker
It’s My Turn Claudia Weill
1981 Stripes Ivan Reitman
1982 Rocky III Sylvester Stallone
The Secret of NIMH Animated visual consultant Don Bluth
1983 The Sting II Jeremy Kagan
1985 Rocky IV Sylvester Stallone
1986 Big Trouble John Cassavetes
An American Tail Animated visual consultant Don Bluth
1988 Wildfire Zalman King
Biloxi Blues Mike Nichols
Child’s Play Tom Holland
1990 Graffiti Bridge Prince
1991 Hot Shots! Jim Abrahams
1993 Cop and a Half Henry Winkler
Sniper Luis Llosa
Beethoven’s 2nd Rod Daniel
1996 Flipper Alan Shapiro
1997 Anaconda Luis Llosa
Deceiver Jonas PateJosh Pate
2000 Ropewalk Matthew Brown
2001 Frailty Bill Paxton
2006 Funny Money Leslie Greif
The Plague Hal Masonberg
2007 Redline Andy Cheng
2008 The Chauffeur Jérôme Dassier
2009 Evil Angel Richard Dutcher


Year Title Notes Director
1962 The People vs. Paul Crump Documentary William Friedkin
1965 The Bold Men Documentary William Friedkin
1970 A Clear and Present Danger Made-for-TV movie James Goldstone
1972-1973 Ghost Story Television series (5 episodes) Richard Donner, Paul Stanley, Don McDougall, Leo Penn, David Lowell Rich
1972 Something Evil Made-for-TV movie Steven Spielberg
1973 Savage Made-for-TV movie Steven Spielberg
1973 Deliver Us from Evil Made-for-TV movie Boris Sagal
1973 Sunshine Made-for-TV movie Joseph Sargent
1973 I Heard the Owl Call My Name Made-for-TV movie Daryl Duke
1974 The Execution of Private Slovik Made-for-TV movie Lamont Johnson
1975 Hustling Made-for-TV movie Joseph Sargent
1975 Target Risk Made-for-TV movie Robert Scheerer
1975 The Big Rip-Off Made-for-TV movie Dean Hargrove
1977 Raid on Entebbe Made-for-TV movie Irvin Kershner
1977 Mary White Made-for-TV movie Jud Taylor
1981 Death Ray 2000 Made-for-TV movie Lee H. Katzin
1981 Killing At Hell’s Gate Made-for-TV movie Jerry Jameson
1983 The Thorn Birds Miniseries (4 episodes) Daryl Duke
1984 A Streetcar Named Desire Made-for-TV movie John Erman
1987 Bates Motel Made-for-TV movie Richard Rothstein
1989 When We Were Young Made-for-TV movie Daryl Duke
1995 A Walton Wedding Made-for-TV movie Robert Ellis Miller
1996 Dark Skies Televisions series (1 episode) Tobe Hooper
1997 Don King: Only in America Made-for-TV movie John Herzfeld
1999 Passing Glory Made-for-TV movie Steve James
1999 G vs E Television series (1 episode) Jonas Pate
2000 Hendrix Made-for-TV movie Leon Ichaso
2002 Joe and Max Made-for-TV movie Steve James

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